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Back of Activities Card

Dementia Services Development Centre


Visual Door Recognition


Visual Door Recognition for Care Homes to aid Dementia and Amzheimers residents.


Activities are everyone’s business


Benefits for your Residents
  • Promotes and encourages person centred care by offering a wide choice through the selection of 180 large format activity cards designed for optimum visuality.
  • Stimulates discussion with the residents while selecting activities they like e.g. bingo, flower arranging, gardening, listening to music.
  • Allows everyone to get to know the residents previous experiences and interests better.
  • Encourages participation through residents interest and interaction.

Benefits for your Staff
Benefits for care home staff
  • Continual Training - The reverse of each card has a Training Guide so everyone can organise and handle the activity.
  • Staff cost and time savings thinking up activities or printing and laminating.

Benefits for your Care Home
  • Evidences you are offering a strong Activities Programme around person centred care.
  • Marketing tool for potential residents – Relatives can see what their loved ones can be involved in.
  • Very clear highly visible display of your programme which everyone can see.

Fan of Activities Cards
  • 180 Personal Choices of Activity Cards with Training on Reverse including 6 Blank Cards for you to Customise
  • Sapele Club Style Display Board with Card Hanging System
  • 450 Page Easy Reference User Guide Training Book

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