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Aid Memoir - Communication System

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Door Identities

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Personalised Door Identities

Your complete visual signage pack

The visual signage pack includes:

55 A4 Heavy Card Signs for you to frame
or laminate for durability


Included in this pack you will find:

Visual Door Signs for care homes


Price: £25.00 fully inclusive of VAT

plus £7.95 postage and packaging.


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This set of visual door signs allows you to select the most appropriate door identification signs that suit your individual residents.


Within this pack are a number of display signs that cover all areas that residents require to be able to identify by using a clear and realistic image along with a brief narrative.


You will see there are a selection of signs for the communal areas as well as the utilities such as the toilets. To aid you in the process of determining the most appropriate and suitable visual image for your residents, we have supplied a variety of different images for example of "the lounge".


Simply ask your resident which they find most easy recognisable and use these. Please endeavour to use the same sign images for multiple rooms.


You will find the this set of signs provides more than one copy of signs that you may have additional need for, for example 3 toilets.


It is preferable that you stick to the images your residents can associate with, although in some instances residents are happy with a selection.