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Dementia Services Development Centre


Visual Door Recognition


Visual Door Recognition for Care Homes to aid Dementia and Amzheimers residents.

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Activities Display System User Instructions

Detailed below is some helpful information including set up and operating instructions for your Activities Display System. This will ensure that the activity requirements of your elderly residents care are fully promoted, controlled and displayed.


Ensure that all staff read this and understand how the Activities Display System should be used to gain maximum advantage in Promoting, Controlling and Displaying your Activities Programme.

The Activities Display System


The system comes supplied with:

  • A Sapele Activities Display Board with Green Baize (commands authority)
  • 180 Unique Activity Cards
  • Easy Reference User Guide Book

The Cards

The activity cards have been designed specifically for the care of the elderly with a large pictorial image and narrative on each card.


These 180 unique Activity Cards cover a full range of activities to be enjoyed throughout the year including seasonal events, including 6 blank cards for one-offs within your home (use the back and make it 12).


Each card has an activities classification and unique number for ease of reference.

The Activities Board

The Activities Display

The Sapele Display board is 120cm x 90cm. The Sapele with green baize and brass hooks combination commands authority and attention. Position this in a central area as close to the front door as possible (if need be take a mirror or print off the wall to create space). By doing so, the Activity Display System will give Instant Impact and Clear Comprehension of your forthcoming rolling 7 day activities programme to

  • Your Elderly Residents
  • Relatives and Friends and Visitors
  • Potential Customers
  • Staff
  • Regulating Authorities
  • Other stakeholders (parties that have an interest in your home)

It must be understood that the Activities Display Board is a prime component of the system and by giving it high visibility encourages a forum of community spirit for everyone coming into your home.


I would re-emphasise that displaying this system prominently will increase the profiling of your activities program in the grading's surrounding this fundamental area of care.

User Guide Book

The Activities Display

A user guide specifically focused on care of the elderly and senior living has been developed.

This easy reference book which includes a description of each of the Activities Cards under the headings:

  • Topics and Aims
  • Organisation
  • Equipment
  • Benefits
  • Linked events to other activities
  • Tips including getting donations for specific events & increasing your home’s profile

This allows the Activities Officer/Organiser and Carers to focus on undertaking the activity.